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Carlos Carlos
Monday, 25 June 2012 - Monday, 25 June 2012
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of all DS births are to mhrteos under the age of 35. I was in Indiana at the time (now in mid Kansas) and someone from DSA said they just counseled a 19 year old mom.I had Jim @ 1 month shy of my 42nd birthday as a single parent. I had to deal with a lot of insensitivity but I know that people can be jerks even if the kid is normal. It is a blessing sometimes to know that Jim is clueless about many things and that he has had people around showing only their love. I wish I could be that oblivious sometimes. People hurt and we think it is ok to add to it, yet kids like Jim inspire something totally different.There was an episode of CSI that defined the word retarded and being hindered so I know that we are all have some kind of hindrance in our lives. I have a strong understanding in regards to spiritual matters and knew that I was not going to mess with the Creator's Agenda for my life. There needs to be more emphasis on prevention of conception and abortions certainly are not all based on defective fetal tests. I don't think men or women should be allowed to reproduce if they show that they are not taking care of the kids they already have. I managed to find a Senor Stud who lied about how many kids he had told me he had 2 but then admitted it was @ 7-8 only after I found out I was pregnant. As far as I know, he is not in any of his kids lives. Now, I have ideas! For example, if we all wanted to truly be adults and to minimize dependence on the government, this guy and all of us who had a kid with him should be shipped off to Utah for some enforced polygamy and childcare sharing only we all take turns working and caring for the kids without any sex, except by ourselves if we have the time or energy. Only after all the kids were 18 do we get out of jail . We could even make some money if it is a reality show.Oh but I am ranting! The fact is, I can't imagine what my life would have been like without my Jim and no one has the right to say anything to anyone when it comes to a new life. We are all going to be held accountable by God for our actions and I don't think that registers or is even realized by most people. I am kind of a go with the flow gal and know there is a higher purpose for Jim and I.


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